Creating A Safe Nursery

You'll find a more thorough discussion of childproofing your home and other safety issues in Debra Holtzman's popular new book, The Safe Baby: A Do-It Yourself Guide to Home Safety.

Debra Smiley Holtzman is a nationally recognized child safety and health expert and a specialist on the subjects of injury prevention, toxic chemicals, food-borne diseases, and more. She has a law degree, an M.A. in occupational health and safety, and a B.A. in rhetoric and communication, and is the mother of two children. Her first book, The Panic-Proof Parent: Creating a Safe Lifestyle for Your Family, is a comprehensive, encyclopedic work that covers protecting the child from conception to the teen-age years. The book received rave reviews from newspapers and magazines, as well as endorsements from National SAFE KIDS, the National Safety Council, and Olivia Newton John's child safety organization.

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