Cross-Cultural Adoption: The Do's and Don'ts

Don't tell us we're sure to have "our own" now

She is our own. Those parents who choose adoption because of infertility do not secretly harbor lifelong yearnings for a biological child. Having "our own" is now irrelevant; the child we have is the one we want and it is inconceivable that we could love or want any child more. Like all parents, we have the best.

Amy Coughlin is an adoptive mom, a lawyer, teacher, and writer. She lives in Center City, Philadelphia, with her husband, Rich, and their two daughters, Audrey and Natalie.

Caryn Abramowitz is a freelance writer and editor. She is a lawyer by trade and the author of many legal and other types of articles in a variety of publications. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Andy, and their daughter Chloe.

They are co-authors of Cross-Cultural Adoption: How to Answer Questions from Family, Friends, and Community

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