Cyber Monday -- best deals, scores and finds

by Melissa Jaramillo

Cyber MondayYou've survived or ignored Black Friday. Although it's over, you have another opportunity to score great gifts at bottom dollar prices.

Cyber Monday continues to grow each year, bringing online savings that may surpass those of Black Friday.

Let us help you track down the best deals, scores and finds for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Best deals and steals

Many stores proclaim to have the biggest and best cyber Monday deals. was one of the major stores that started the whole cyber Monday deals. We suspect it's because they're solely online, so why not!

Rumor has it that Amazon will have another amazing electronics on sale this year. Cameras and Blu-ray players will be a big hit as well.

Best Buy is another amazing electronics store, but not only that, they're offering free shipping for 2012! This is the time to stock up on big appliances on sale. Don't miss out on the tablets, computers, cameras and HD cards. The newest thing this year is touch screen all in one desktop.

Wal-mart has great deals on similar products as the other stores. In addition, you'll find little hidden deals. In cosmetics, you'll discover great sales on name brand such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Revlon. Dig around. There's much more.

Target is offering a great variety of house wares. The towel and bedding prices may rival January white sales. Those heading off to college in the near future could gift themselves the extra things they may need for their new dorm or apartment.

Cyber Monday isn't just limited to the large marketers. Watch your favorite websites and sign up for email alerts. Trust that a deal for every possible interest will pop up, from art to zoology.

Purchases you may want to rethink

1. Toys: While many may be discounted for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you're apt to see them discounted even better about two weeks before Christmas.

2. Jewelry and watches: You'll see plenty of sparkly sales advertising shiny objects for both her and him, but you'll get a much better deal after the holiday on clearance reduction sales.

3. Winter clothing: We've heard rumors of excellent apparel coupons, but it may be smarter to hold off until winter garments hit the clearance racks.

4. Game consoles: Hold out for holiday bundles that include premium accessories and two or three game titles. In past years, these have been discounted 30 to 40 percent off their retail prices.

5. Computers: While computer may be high on those wish list, unless you're in the market for premium gaming system, back-to-school time offers better deals as stores clear shelves for the holiday items.

What's the best deal or steal you found for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Do share!

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.