Dealing with Morning Sickness Naturally!

by Tabatha Jones

There's so much joy in finding out you're pregnant. You're overflowing with excitement and you can't stop telling everyone.

But then it hits -- morning sickness. This pregnancy side affect may involve a lot of nausea and vomiting any time of the day. (I'm sure many of us are very familiar with this.) Morning sickness affects up to 90% of all pregnant women, usually in the first trimester. Isn't it a bummer that there's nothing the doctor can give you since you really shouldn't take any medicine while pregnant. Well, how about dealing with your morning sickness naturally.

You may be thinking that natural remedies are a thing of the past but in fact more and more of these time-tested cures are being used in homes today to treat numerous medical conditions. Many doctors remain "on the fence" about natural treatments claiming they are just old wives tales. However, taking something is better than taking nothing and what do you have to lose? And it just may be the one thing that helped you through.

Below are some natural remedies and helpful tips for you to try while dealing with your morning sickness. Some remedies may work better than others for different people so don't be afraid to experiment and try them all to find what works for you.

This remedy is widely known to help with nausea and vomiting. Your can try gingerale or gingersnaps. But to get the true affect go for the real stuff. Studies show that the properties found in fresh ginger give an effective treatment. Be creative and sprinkle it on your favorite foods.

Tummy-soothing teas
Try limiting fluid intake during meals and instead drink more between meals. Some good teas to consider are peppermint iced tea, red raspberry or lemon balm. All are considered to be likely safe during pregnancy by the Natural Medicine Database.

Switch prenatals
The high iron content found in regular prenatal can induce nausea in many pregnant women. Switching to a low iron formula in the first trimester only (when the risk of anemia is very low) may help with morning sickness. Also, take your vitamins late in the day and skip the glass of water. Instead swallow your vitamin in a spoonful of pudding or applesauce.

Move slowly
Whether it's getting up in the morning or after a nap, rising or moving too quickly can throw off equilibrium and trigger nausea. Be sure to take it easy and relax with deep breaths.

Snack tricks
Always keep snacks on hand. Carry them in your purse, by your bed and in your car. Do your best to not have an empty stomach but be sure to not have it too full. Think small portions. Try having toast or crackers in bed before rising. But be sure to not drink any liquids, especially water, while munching.

Use your senses
As changes happen in your body while being pregnant most women develop incredibly sharp sense of smell. Some odors trigger nausea while others help subside it. Carry a piece of cloth in your purse scented with a combination of lavender and peppermint oil. At the first hint of nausea, hold the cloth to your nose and breathe deep for almost instant nausea relief.

Hopefully, you find some of these tips useful. Remember that morning sickness is usually temporary.

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