Step-by-Step Directions for the BBT Charting Tool

by Staff


Are you totally confused on how to use the charting tool or just need a few helpful hints? Here is what to do to get started charting! When you're ready, start using the tool!

To make it easy, at the end of this article (and all articles) is a link to print the article (Printer friendly version). Click that so you can have a reference sheet if you can't wait to get started.

Step 1: Register on the site. Click here if you are not already a member. Once you register you can put all your settings into your profile by going to the tool tab in your profile.

Step 2: Venture onward to the tool itself. You can click on this link to go there...but wait! Read the rest of the instructions please!

Step 3: Get started by inputing the date of your LMP (last missed period). You can input more information for the day such as notes, what your moods were, how your mucus was, etc. Remember your personal physical settings are in your profile. To tweak those, simply go to your profile and click on the "tools" tab.

Clicking on "advanced" allows you to input more information such as: menses/spotting, intercourse /insemination (baby dancing), and more. It's up to you how much you want there. Your chart is completely private so no one sees it but you (unless you share it). For example, you can put additional information in your data like: If you took a HPT (Home Pregnancy Test), its results and what symptoms you're having. Or, you can add to the mix the medications you might be taking. You can do this for each day of your cycle, or not. Again, up to you.

Step 4: After getting started, you can input your information each day in our friendly calendar format by clicking on the date in the calendar. You'll be taken right to the day and you can start typing. Once you input the data, click submit and you're done.

You can view your calendar in a 6-month view or a monthly view. The choice is again yours. To view it monthly just click on the name of the month to expand the month. To go back to the 6-month view, click on "return to overview" in the top information box. Voila, it has changed. When you have your LMP set, you'll see a link to your "Temperature Chart" and you'll see how your temperatures are trending. The more information you put in, the more will show.

For more advance charters you can edit tool presets so that the tool works more the way you like it to. This is for experienced charts only. To learn more click here to see how.

We hope that this is the start to a wonderful experience and the growth of your family! Congratulations!

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