Creative Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

by Courtney Sullivan

foamHere are some smart and creative ways you can document your pregnancy. The waiting game can drag along, so let's capture those special moments along the way!

We've broken down our suggestions into four categories: Pregnancy Milestones, A Day in Our Life, My Baby Diary, and Document the Bump. They'll help the countdown to your baby's birth date go by a little faster and help your future teenager to blush!

Pregnancy Milestones

As an expectant parent you'll want to immortalize certain events throughout your pregnancy for all of eternity...or at least for one generation! From learning and sharing the news, hearing the heartbeat, first photoshoots, naming fun (trust us -- they'll thank you for NOT choosing some on your list), to planning the nursery you're bound to be a hit with your kiddo outside of the womb!

surprised friend  and baby makes three  advice

We're pregnant! You just saw those beautiful lines. Now the fun begins!
Photo ideas: Your test (or tests), a tiny pair of baby socks
Journal idea: How did you feel when you tested? Did you spend time absorbing the shock or dance joyfully around the house? Put it down in your words.

Sharing the news: Telling friends and family is almost as exciting as discovering you're pregnant! It still can be a bit daunting. Try out these suggestions to make it easier.
Photo idea: At a family event, gather everyone for a photo. "Say Cheese!" Then, for the second photo, say, "Everyone say, ___'s pregnant (fill in your name)!" Snap quickly!
Journal idea: Jot down the exact words uttered by your family and friends!

Pregnancy advice: From announcing your pregnancy to your delivery, moms receive unsolicited advice -- some wonderful and welcome, some not. Show how this has affected you.
Photo idea: Create a collage picture of you and the person who gave you the advice you've appreciated along with their counsel.
Journal idea: Share the tips you've received this pregnancy, including the outlandish and bizarre!
More ideas: Baby's first photo, the naming game, prenatal visits and the nursery.

A Day in Our Life

While your baby doesn't have a room-with-the-view, he or she's along for the ride on all the adventures of your family throughout your pregnancy. Since baby won't be albe to remember all those special times, practice your journaling skills and give the tiny tot a glimpse of your world as a pregnant parent!

snuggling with Eoyore  two fishies in a bowl  Pregnant woman on exercise ball

Family vacation: The family's off and of course you and babe-to-be are joining the festivities. Keep the camera busy snapping shots along the way!
Photo idea: Bring along baby's first stuffed animal or tiny hat and show off its adventures.
Journal idea: Was your peanut mellow during the car trip, then kept you up kicking all night? Share the story in your journal.


I thought this was a fun way to document a pregnancy! Haha, can you relate?