Does Prenatal Diet Affect Gender?

by Mark Moore, MD

The sex of the baby is determined at the moment of conception, when the sperm and the egg join. Nothing during pregnancy will change that.

However, pre-conception gender selection, or the influencing of the sex of the baby before it is conceived (so as to make it more likely to have the baby of your choice) is getting a lot of press lately.

After decades of research, there is still much controversy over the environmental factors which determine the baby's sex. As related to what one eats, the consensus today is if there is any dietary influence, it is limited.

Previous studies have shown a mother-to-be's diet high in potassium and sodium including vegetables, bananas, fish and meat may favor the conception of a baby boy. A diet high in calcium and magnesium including milk, beans, cereals, cheese and nuts may favor a baby girl.

Because of the minimal influence if any on the outcome of the sex of the baby, the best advice is to eat a healthy diet during the time you are trying to get pregnant and then all through pregnancy.

Mark Moore, MD is an experienced Anesthesiologist, sub-specializating in women's and children's anesthesia. He holds board certifications in both Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Dr. Moore and his wife, Lisa, a pediatric nurse, are the authors of Baby Girl or Baby Boy. They live in Tallahassee, Florida.

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