A Dozen Daddy-Baby Activities

12. Take your turn to dress baby...the way they make baby clothes is a real challenge for a man (at least for me it is!)...I will never understand why so many snaps! I can never get them aligned right, and have to undo and resnap a couple of times...but, this is a great time to do baby aerobics and talk and laugh with baby. (Besides, baby is amused to see daddy get frustrated with the snaps, and momma is usually amused, too. If everyone is amused (except daddy), everyone is happy. If everyone is happy, everyone is feeling safe secure, and loved. Questions?

Art Jaramillo's parenting wisdom comes through years of being "trained" by his children on what makes a "father" a real dad. His philosophy takes heart in the nonstop quizzes of "Dad, why, what, when, where?", the sounds of feet racing down the hall (after being told "No running in the house!"), and the toothless grins of his latest addition. In a house that is anything but silent, he recognizes the blessings of his life as centered on his faith, his marriage, and his family. Together with his wife, Melissa, they have 11 children and counting.

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