Dreams During Pregnancy -- The Weird, Wacky and Wild

by Jovanna Acevedo Quesada Weird Dreams Pregnancy

Dreams can be wild, wacky and weird under any circumstance. Add in being pregnant and you could have some interesting combinations!

Pregnancy dreams can resemble happenings in every day life, books or movies in living, breathing and sometimes scary colors.

You might dream about talking puppies, car crashes, sex with your boss or celebrity and even the neighbor next door. Anxiety, varying emotions and hormones all play a big role in dreams.

While these types of dreams might seem bizarre, they're actually quite normal. Hold on tight! Dreams during pregnancy can take you on a crazy ride!

Dreams During Pregnancy

Your mind works overtime when you're pregnant, and that can spill over into your sleep. A combination of hormone and disrupted sleep forces you to spend extra time in lighter, dreamy REM sleep than in the deeper dreamless states. Waking more often means you're more apt to remember your dreams, too.

In the first trimester, your dreams might focus around small, fragile animals, especially aquatic ones. Erotic dreams about former lovers, movie stars or acquaintances make up another common dream thread.

Not all pregnancy dreams seem silly or embarrassing. Some feature terrible images. You might dream about giving birth to a baby without hands, see yourself throwing your new baby out the car door or dream of walking around in a tent.

Experts say that your subconscious mind uses such dreams to work out feelings, replay ideas and deal your changing body. Just how strange are pregnancy dreams? We checked it out with our members. They shared these bizarre examples.

The Weird

A promise: "When dad died, I dreamt over and over that he was saying 'With death comes life.' We'd been trying to conceive for three years so I was like, 'What the crap is he talking about?' Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant with our daughter and the dreams stopped," Michele shares.

Three lines? Tracy says in her dream she "...took a pregnancy test. It was positive but it had three lines. I've been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms and will be buying a pregnancy test soon."

The Wild

Living with whom? "I've been having some crazy dreams! I wonder how my head comes up with this stuff. I dreamt about Katniss from 'The Hunger Games' the other night. We were all living in an RV for some reason with her and Peeta. They had twin boys who had magic powers. We were trying to defeat the Capitol. It was pretty dumb as most of mine are," Claire says.

Flash flood: "In my dream, I got caught in my car during a flash flood and was swept down the street into a river. I had to break out of the car and swim for safety. I was so rational and calm. When I woke up I was just a little dizzy from all the swimming my brain thought I had been doing," Christine says.

The Wacky

One alert baby! "I dreamt that the baby was born and I went to breastfeed. I had no milk, only coffee! I freaked out and tried to pump it all out, but I just kept pumping coffee," Joella remembers.

A different kind of gender test: "Last night I dreamt that every pregnant woman's belly's turned the color of their baby's gender. So if you were having a girl, it would turn pink; boys were blue. If she had twins, mom's belly was really dark in right color...and twins were purple!" Rachel says.

Have you had unusual dreams this pregnancy? We'd love to hear about them! Please share them in the comments!