Early Pregnancy Checklist: The Test is Positive -- What's Next?

3. Rinse raw fruits and vegetables under running water.

4. Keep raw meat, poultry and seafood away from ready-to-eat foods.

5. Cook food thoroughly.

6. Chill and store foods properly.

✔ Relax and Rejuvenate

Stress and pregnancy make poor partners. The combination can result in unwanted and unpleasant aches, pains and complications. Find a way to keep stress at bay.

✔ Spreading the Good News!

You might have shared a picture of your positive test or called everyone in your phone with squeals of delight right away. If you opted to wait a few days, or weeks, now's the time to plan how you'll share the news.

✔ Watch Baby Grow

Every day your tiny baby changes. Follow along with the changes in our fetal development section. You can watch amazing videos, too!

✔ Try on Maternity Clothes

For now, it's just for fun. Soon you'll be ready to not only try the different options out, but add them to your wardrobe!

What will you do first? Share your thoughts with us below!