Earning the Title of 'Mom'

by Tricia G.

When I was a young girl, I always envisioned how my name would look as a 'Mrs.' Over and over, I would write the last name of my most recent crush in every color imaginable, in every shape, cursive, print, within hearts and without, tacking 'Mrs.' onto the front. Little did I know that when I finally did grow up, the title of 'Mrs.' which signifies to the whole world that you are someone's beloved wife, would pale in the shadow of a much more powerful title -- Mom.

As a teenager, I realized that there was more to life than just becoming a wife. You could be a doctor, a lawyer, even an astronaut if you wanted! Suddenly, becoming a 'Mrs.' was less exciting then becoming a 'Dr.' or some other position in society. I chose instead of going to college to obtain my prestigious job title, to join the military. Suddenly, I was no longer simply a kid fresh from high school, I was a 'United States Marine.' Soldier, warrior, and defender of freedom. This title excited me, and filled me with pride. Still, I was ignorant of the one title that would truly fulfill me and follow me throughout the rest of my life. Being a wife, or a Marine would never change me the way this future title would...

One day, on September 9th, 1998, I tumbled head first into this new world, this new title, this new life. As I held my newborn daughter, Mollie Ann, in my arms, my heart swelled and I became 'Mom.' What a little title, so unprestigious, so common... And yet it is the most important title I have ever held in my life. Suddenly, I had the responsibility of another life, another precious heart, and another soul. Every minute, every hour, every day, I would have to worry about where she was, how she was doing, who was with her, and how this day would affect the rest of her life. I was intimately in charge of this person, this child. I would help mold and shape her to be the person she was meant to be. No other title meant so much; no other title tied me so completely to another human being.

And so I wear my title with pride. I may share it with millions of other moms out there and some days, it may wear me out hearing it repeated over and over by my toddler daughter, but I could never be prouder. Being a mom is something that comes from the heart --I could not ask for a better title.

Tricia G. is now the mom of a two-year-old.

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