Kid's Activities: Earth Day Ideas

  • Conserve Resources: Sit down with your family and look around your home for ways that you can help conserve -- electricity (turn off the lights when you exit a room!); water (don't leave it running while brushing your teeth); gas (plan trips to the store around other necessary errands to save on fuel and to less air pollution too). Another idea is to look around your home to be sure it is in proper repair. Fix leaky faucets/toilets that waste water! Check your windows and doors for gaps that allow heat/cold air to escape. When replacing appliances, choose those with an Energy Star label.

  • Friendly Habitats: Do some research on how you can make your yard (or neighborhood park) more welcoming to natural wildlife, "good bugs", and more. Your lawn will thank you and most definitely your earth will! For ideas, check out our Audubon Day and Tadpole to Frog articles.

  • There are so many things that you can do to help protect our planet! Be sure to check out some of our favorite Earth Day Websites and together, let's help!

    • US EPA Earth Day April 22
    • EarthDay Network
    • Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program
    • Earth 911

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