Eating Healthy the First Weeks of Pregnancy

Eat at least three meals every day. If heartburn or nausea are a problem, try eating 4 to 6 smaller meals daily. Eat a variety of foods.

Wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables first, then frozen, and then canned.

Cook meat well. Raw meat and partially cooked meats pose a health risk since they may contain organisms that could cause illness.

Keep high-fat meats to a minimum. These include hot dogs, ribs, bacon, corned-beef hash, and sausage. To lower fat content, trim fat from all meat before cooking. Try broiling, grilling, and baking rather than frying.

Avoid "empty calorie" foods, such as soft drinks, cookies, and doughnuts.

Snacks can be healthy if you plan ahead. Choose cheese, fruit, yogurt, and vegetables for between-meal pickups.

If you're not already a food-label reader, start now! You may be amazed at what you've been feeding yourself and your baby.

Reprinted from Her HealthCare.