Eight Reasons Sex is a Must-do During Pregnancy

Learning to associate your body with pleasurable sensations will enable you and your partner to more fully enjoy your pregnancy. Enjoying every aspect of your bodies, including the pregnant parts, you will deepen your physical bond, sink more deeply into the subtler, more sensual aspects of your sexual selves and become more attuned to one another. Savoring your sexual energies and relishing the response each of your bodies can elicit will allow you some of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever.

As mentioned in my book, many women become orgasmic or multiply orgasmic for the first time in their lives during pregnancy due to hormonal response, vaso-dilation and downward pressure exerting itself on all of your sexual nerves down below.

  • You will sleep better!

    Want to fall asleep more deeply, stay in deep sleep longer and to feel more well-rested? Try sex! Every mom-to-be knows how precious rest can be when hormones are surging, feet are aching, strange spots are swelling and the pounds start packing on. Sex can help you feel less overwhelmed and more rested.

  • Sex improves immunity and helps you stay healthier.

    Regular sex results in a 305% higher level of immunoglobulin A. That's right -- this key component in your body's ability to ward off diseases can be enhanced that dramatically by engaging in sexual activity at least once or twice a week. It can ward heart disease, stroke, cancer and act as a natural remedy for colds and flu. Who wouldn't want to enjoy these health benefits?

  • Sex increases pain tolerance.

    Whether taking matters into your own hands or asking for a partner assist downstairs, regular vaginal stimulation acts as a mild analgesic and increases pain tolerance. This is great news for the multitude of pregnancy-accompanying discomforts most women complain of.

    Checking in with your physician first is a definite must before you get down, girl; so don't find yourself in the 70% of pregnant women who never broach the subject of sex with their doctors. Join the other 30% of us who know for sure whether it's OK to play.

  • Danielle Cavallucci has been involved with health-focused advocacy for over a decade. After the birth of her first child she became a birthing mentor and a specialist in pregnancy fitness. A Reiki master and holistic practitioner, her works include founding Sensual Fusion and working with both men and women to achieve their highest potential for sensual, physical and spiritual fulfillment within the context of facilitation and re-centering. Her energetic influence has reached thousands of mothers-to-be and their partners via internet, broadcast and written word. She works with people nationwide via telephone, teleconference and face time from her home in Laguna Beach.

    For additional information on staying sexy during pregnancy, check out her book "Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know."

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