An Emergency C-section

As fast as they could, they called a surgeon from our original hospital 20 minutes away and got the OR ready. They prepped me (got an IV in my left hand, in case they needed to give me blood and put a catheter in. Because this was an emergency c-section and I was going to be knocked out completely for it, Mike wasn't allowed in there with me. There wasn't time to wait for an epidural or a spinal to kick in. They knocked me out and when I woke up, it was 7:35 pm. It had taken them 3 to 10 seconds to get Caitlin out, and they said she came out "pink and screaming". I was taken to a recovery room, next to the OR, where they began giving me morphine. I was still having a lot of pain. The morphine didn't really help though. Mike was allowed in there for a few minutes, but he had to leave while they prepped me for my ambulance ride to Theda Clark. As they got me ready for my ride, they brought Caitlin in (in her little isolet) so I could see her, and then whisked her off to the waiting helicopter (she got a flight up to Theda Clark).

I guess that's really about it for the birth story. We both were transported to Theda Clark. I stayed there three nights and four days and we finally brought Caitlin home when she was 17 days old.

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