Endless Fun on Pi Day!

by Jovanna Acevedo Quesada

Pi piePi: The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Does that sound like Greek to you? To the math and science community, Pi Day is the coolest thing to come around since calculators got memory buttons.

Pi Day has even been allowed to share another special mathematical day -- Albert Einstein's birthday! We could talk ourselves in circles about Pi, as the possibilities for fun are infinite! Instead, let's just circle right into the fun and games.

Ages 0 to 3.14 can play and celebrate the longest number known to the human race. Those 3.14 and older can learn about π and make one, too.

Stumped by this "irrational" holiday? One of the ideas below might get you rolling!

Pi Day Activities and Fun

Celebrate this quirky holiday with circles, pies, and numbers. We've looped together a vortex of entertaining, educational, tasty, and fun activities.

Start Your Day with π Pancakes

Whip up your favorite pancake batter. Drizzle a π into the frying pan, wait 15 seconds and then cover with batter and cook as usual. Can your child trace the shape of π in syrup?

Hoop It Up

Have a hula-hoop contest as part of your Pi Day festivities. Hey, they're circular!

Take a π Walk

The day's celebration is pronounced like the word "pie," making pie the perfect food for the day. Bake a pie or several. Join in a "π walk." Is your school hosting one today?

Get "Punny"

Make your pie square for today. After all "π are squared" is the surface area of a round-shaped pie.

The number π is irrational. Its digits are endless or infinite. Set a good example with plays on these words today.

Spot π

Hide at least 3.14 π cutouts around the house. Leave them in obvious spots for smaller tots and hide better for the older kids. Once all have been found, meet in the kitchen and celebrate with a whipped cream Pi on your hot cocoa.

Dress Up for the Day

Dress up like birthday-boy Albert Einstein on Pi Day or use your imagination and dress as π. Is your baby "still baking?" Make and wear your own "π in the oven" shirt. We'd love to see the pictures!

Look for a Local Pi Day Event

Your science center or children's museum might be hosting a special event. Join them, sing a birthday song to Albert Einstein and have a piece of pie.

Pizza π and a Movie

Wind down your day with pizza and a favorite movie. Try creating a pi-shaped pizza pie, arranging the toppings to form the symbol or calling out for one.

Pi Day Crafts

Make a Pi Day Card

Cut out and decorate your own card, to wish someone far away a happy Pi Day.

Create a Pi Day T-shirt

Use paint or markers to create a math themed T-shirt. For a younger child, tape a template on their shirt and allow them to paint or scribble "within the lines." If your baby's too small to create their own, they're probably too young to object. Go ahead! Dress them in a "cutie π" T-shirt.

Bead It

Fill a bowl with ten different colors of beads. String a necklace with your toddler, chatting about the number π having lots of different digits. Most likely your words will pass in one ear and out the other. That's okay. You've done your π duty and your child gets to make a bright necklace.

Circle Pattern Art

Make shape pictures, using only circles. Ahead of time, cut out several sizes and colors of circles. Challenge your preschooler or kindergarten-aged child to create a picture. Ideas include a smiley face or animal face. Then glue the pieces into place.

Happy Pi Day! May you have unending fun celebrating this irrational event. Are you embracing your geeky side? Clue us in on how you'll be sharing your love for math and science.

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Submitted by Jules on

For Pi Day, I decided to multitask and embrace both my "geeky side" and my "granola streak." We tested out making our own dye for red Easter eggs. Peels from yellow onions with a bit of vinegar make a red dye. Dubious instructions, don't you think? It worked!