Exercise How to: Front Kicks

Front Kicks

Guards (hands) up.

When kicking -- put kicking leg slightly forward.

It's a 4-count / movement kick:

  1. Knee up
  2. Kick out
  3. Knee back
  4. Set down

That's one rep!

1. Knee Up
Note Adrianna's head is up, eyes forward and back straight. Many people make the mistake of bending or folding forward when they kick.

2. Kick Out
Back straight, head up -- power out a kick. Do not worry if you can't kick high. As you build muscle, you will be able to kick higher and higher!

3) Knee back
Bring foot back, bending knee.

4. Set down
As you perform this kick, you will work the thigh and hip on your kicking leg. Also as you kick you will work the abdominals and hip of your support leg.

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