Exercise Tip: Boogie with Baby

by Kazue Koyanagi

exercising with your baby in a slingWho says exercising can't be fun? Take it to a new level for both of you. Plop that tiny tot into a sling, put on some moving music and "boogie!" Exercising with your baby in the sling means more than just recovering your waistline and tightening your butt. Listen, move, connect and bond with your baby, as you reconnect with your own body.

BIG SECRET: Guess what? Your fussy baby might be lulled right to sleep!

Here's What You'll Need and How to Do It

1. Gather what you'll need: Choose upbeat music, grab your baby, your sling and a bottle of water. You'll need it!
2. Get ready: Put your baby in the sling and turn on the music.
3. Rock and relax: Breathe deeply. On the exhale, tip your head to the left. Breath in. As you exhale, tip your head to the right. With the next breath, drop your chin forward (and kiss baby's sweet head).
4. Snuggle and sooth: Sway and rock your newborn. Is your baby colicy? Music and skin contact with mom often calm even the fussiest!
5. Add the "groove:" Once your baby is 6-8 weeks, gradually add several sets of squats, dips, lunges, step-ups, or step-downs with your baby as resistance. You'll drop pound, firm up and feel emotionally calm.
6. Make it a family affair! Invite your older child to get a doll or stuffed animal and join right in.

Airplanes, dancing...does your baby have a "favorite exercise?" Tell us about it in the comments. Another mom-to-be will thank you!

Big Tip: Would you like more guidance? Lullaby Exercises was created by Darcy Novo Albrecht who created the workout DVD, Lullaby Exercises "to creatively give moms what they and their babies need most -- toning, soothing, bonding, and sleep." Listen to our Podcast and learn more about babywearing.

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