A Fall Clean Sweep!

Krystal Hamblin

Now that Fall is here we are approaching the gift giving season. Christmas will be here before we know it. Of course we want to enjoy Fall while it's here, the vibrant colors, the clean crisp air and just the cozy comfort it breaths! So as we are enjoying this voluptuous season we can also enjoy some raking and sweeping; Not only the yard, but in our homes! A Fall clean sweep!

Fall is a wonderful time to clean sweep the wardrobes, toys, cabinets and anything else that needs your attention. Outside you can tackle that storage building, the yard and vehicles. The temperature is just right in most places and whether you're inside or out you can take advantage of this and get busy! Even the animals are busy preparing for this change in the seasons!

If you have children you know the accumulation of toys that comes with each year. Cleaning out before Christmas will enable more time of holiday enjoyment, so don't wait for Christmas to pass to journey down that never ending trail.

Grab several boxes or garbage bags and label them donate or yard sale and the other label it trash. It is inevitable that some things will not be salvageable. It's never okay to donate trash. If it has rips, stains or markings, or if it's a toy that is broken, than it's more than likely ready for toy heaven.

The task of cleaning out toys may be easier accomplished if you wait until the children are asleep or out with the other parent, friend or relative. Of course it is good to teach them to give, so in some instances it's great to let the children help with the donating project. It's never to early to teach a child the true meaning of giving.

Clothes can be stored seasonally by using hanging bags, zipper storage bags or sealable containers. Label what you store so you'll know what's in each container. If it's too small but you must keep it, then store it and label it goal. If it is an unreasonable goal due to structure change or simply growing up then label it keepsake and move on!

With the children's clothes you will want to have a keepsake container or chest for each child. Certain outfits and shoes that are very special can be kept. Store extra special memories in a shadow box, or frame certain things with scattered snap shots of the child in the outfit. Never limit your creativity; memories are meant to be cherished!

Starting each project with labeled boxes or bags will motivate you to press on until the job is done, so don't forget to grab them before you head to the closets, cabinets, drawers or storage building. Remember also to teach responsibilities and giving as your little helpers are near by. Make good use of your time now so everyone can enjoy the seasons to come!

Krystal Hamblin is a writer and a teacher and minister of music from Southwest VA. She is also a wife and a mother of two girls and a boy, which she calls her monumental blessings in her, "Mommy Moments" column titled, "M & M's With Krystal, Mother of Three Monumental Blessings." Having a passion for music and writing, Krystal thoroughly enjoys combining the two arts. To her, life will always be a symphony unfolding one note at a time.

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