Fall-inspired baby names for your "pumpkin"

Fall Baby Namesby Melissa Jaramillo

Temperatures dip, parting with summer in favor of crisp days and cool nights. It signals the start of my favorite time of year -- autumn!

While I enjoy the changing seasons, fall is hands down my most beloved. As a kid, it meant back to school, sports, and more time with friends.

I live in an area where Mother Nature typically puts on an amazingly beautiful show during this season, filling the landscape with stunning colors.

Fall-inspired baby names

I was excited when I learned that we were expecting during this period and immediately began a quest to find the perfect name to reflect the season!

Hello Captain Obvious!

A great place to start was with the name "Autumn" deriving from the English expression of "season of harvest." Clearly, this is a lovely choice for a girl, but perhaps you'd like to have something that incorporates the meaning while remaining a bit more unique or are having a boy.

Consider these options:

Male: Herbst (German: Autumn), Thu (Vietnamese: Autumn), or Teruaki (Japanese: brilliant Autumn)

Female: Akiko (Japanese: Autumn child); Akiye (Japanese: Autumn painting); Stav (Hebrew: the Autumn season); or Hazan (Turkish: Autumn); Ashoun (Armenian: Autumn or fall)

Either: Aki (Japanese: Autumn) or Karif (Arabic: arriving in Autumn)

The words "harvest" and "gatherer" are inspirational staples for babes born this season:

Male: Wekesa (Eastern African); Hasad (Turkish: harvest); Krish (Indian: harvest); Minoru (Japanese: harvest); Anker (Danish); Teryl (Harvester); Asaf or Asaph (Hebrew: gatherer); Consus (Roman Mythology god of the harvest); Berislav (Croatian: reap / gather)

Female: Anona (Latin: goddess of the harvest); Teresa, Theresa, Theresia, Therese, Terrie, Resa – and more variations (Greek, Spanish, French, Scandavian, English, and German: harvest or harvester); Ekin (Turkish: harvest); or Toshi (Japanese: harvest); Jamia (Arabic: gatherer); Zyta (Polish: harvester) or Sita (Indian or Hindu: harvester); Cerelia (Greek: goddess of the harvest); Carme (Cretan goddess of harvest)

Either: Woksapiwi (Native American: harvest moon); Ke'ohi (Hawaiian: the harvest)

Autumn/fall reminders

These words all stir up thoughts of this wonderful season! Perhaps they'll present you with the muse you're seeking!

Does fall remind you of leaves?

Male: Leaf (English); Legolas (Literary – Lord of the Rings); Laramie (French: leafy grove)

Female: Kaede (Japanese: maple leaf); Alei (Hebrew: leaf); Suzuha (Japanese: bell-shaped leaf); Esther (Persian: myrtle leaf)

Their changing foliage, from green to brilliant reds and oranges form my fondest images of autumn.

Female: Phylicia, Phillida, Phyllis (Greek: foliage)

Perhaps "fall" brings to mind apples...

Male: Ringo (Japanese: apple); Apollo (Greek: apple); Abhlach (Gaelic: apple/apple tree)

Female: Kyona (Japanese: red apple); Manzanita (Spanish: small apple); Yuna (Japanese: superiority apple) ...

or orchards.

Male: Bogart (German: orchard); Carmelo, Carmine, Karmen (Hebrew: orchard);

Female: Carma, Carmela, Carmelina (Hebrew: orchard); Charmen (Hebrew: orchard); Avalbane (Scottish: white orchard)

Autumn months


Female: Medi or Medeni (born in September); Hepetema (Maori: September); Sapphire (English / Hebrew: birthstone of September)

Either: September (English/American: born in September)


Male: Melor (Russian: October Revolution)

Female: Oktyabrina and Melora (Russian: October Revolution); Tola (Thai: October); Opal (English: birthstone of October);

Either: October (English/American): born in October)


Female: Topaz (English: birthstone of November)

Either: November (English/American: born in November)

By centering on ideas that hold a special meaning, just think of the treasured memories you'll be able to confide in your child as you share the story behind their name!

Even if your little one is born during another time of year, you can choose an autumn-inspired name. One that depicts your love of the season for a child you adore can be a great pick!

Did you or will you select a fall name for your child? What is it? Please let me know within the comments as I continue to "harvest" perfect autumn names to share with others!

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