False Labor or the Real Thing -- What's the Difference?

Get some sleep or rest. We often mention in our other articles about how important it is to be well-rested. Now is the time to take that advice.

Relax. Don't worry about what might or might not happen in the future. You only need to deal with what is happening now. Now is a good time to use that pregnancy massage gift certificate you've been saving.

Drink water. Being hydrated helps your body work properly and that includes your uterus. Have a glass of ice water, lay down with a good book, and see if those pesky contraction ease up. If they don't, it could be time to make a phone call.

Eat a snack or small meal. You'll want to have energy on board for later on, so as long as your midwife or doctor hasn't asked you to stick to just liquids, enjoy a healthy snack. Some women feel sick to their stomach when these contractions start up. Try to have a few bites of yogurt or sip a smoothie if you're not able to eat.

Every contraction brings you closer to the birth of your baby. Are you ready? Take this time to pre-wash your baby's clothes, pack your birthing bag or talk with a friend about the responsibilities of caring for a new baby. Sometimes getting past the stress allows your body move on with labor.

Mentally accept and welcome stronger contractions. You need these real contractions to help get the job done. Talk with your body even if you feel silly doing it. Remind it how strong and well-equipped it is for birthing your baby.

Let go and trust your body. Remind yourself that your body is doing what it needs to do, even if it's taking its own, sweet time.

Quiet Time. If you're spiritual or religious, another way to spend time is in prayer, meditation, or reading your favorite pieces. Anything that is inspirational and keep your mind off the pain will probably be welcome.

Did you suffer through the Braxton-Hicks contractions? What helped you to feel more comfortable? Share your tips!