Fantastic Fathers: The Seven Traits of a Great Dad

  • Fantastic fathers suspend judgment. Children make mistakes. They make mistakes learning to walk. They make mistakes learning to talk. They make mistakes with their homework. They make mistakes with relationships. And they make mistakes in responsibility. To suspended judgment means to assign no positive or negative value to mistakes. It means refusing to see mistakes as good or bad. It means perceiving them instead as choices that offer opportunities for growth. Fathers who suspend judgment do not name a behavior a "mistake" or judge it until they see how the child chooses to use it.

  • Fantastic fathers see children as teachers. They recognize that their children have much to offer in helping them learn and grow as a parent and as a human being. Fantastic fathers are aware that their children are offering lessons. They look for their lesson first. They focus on what they need to learn and change rather than on what their child needs to learn. They often become the student and allow their child to be the teacher.

  • All fathers have unique traits that enable them to find favor in their child's eyes. On Father's Day children around the world recognize and honor their dads. As you enjoy this day, use it to strengthen your resolve to continue parenting like no other and remain a fantastic father.

    Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman are co-authors of "The 10 Commitments: Parenting with Purpose."

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