Father's Day Barbecue Menu and Timeline for Success

by Virginia B. Hargrove

Father's Day BarbequeFire up the grill and kick off summer with a Father's Day bash!

Dad might be "king of the grill," but on Father's Day, he's just "king."

Whether he loves taking over the fork and turner or would rather sit on the side lines, these barbecue meal ideas are sure to please.

We've put together a planner to help your event run smoothly. Find the timeline and do-it-ahead tips below.

Father's Day BBQ Bonanza

Kansas City Barbecued Ribs: Kansas City rib sauce, a classic tomato-based barbecue sauce, turns beef or pork ribs into that lip-smacking, sweet, sticky and delicious tidbit. Go ahead -- start a taste sensation!

Grilled Marinated Shrimp -- Your Way: Spice up the shrimp with one of our flavorful, easy marinades. Then, toss it on the grill as a lighter option for those counting calories, even on holidays.

Connie's Chicken Pasta Salad: It's loaded with fresh vegetables, lean chicken and olive oil -- healthy to the max! Unless you share that fact, no one will guess. They'll be busy raving about the taste, crunch and color.

Black Bean and Corn Salad: Quick to prepare, colorful and flavorful, this salad combines sweet corn, tender black beans, crisp red peppers and zesty cilantro for a crunchy, tasty addition to any barbecue.

Fruity Kebabs: Push bits of your favorite fresh fruit on skewers and serve with a honey-yogurt dip or cut up a huge bowl of watermelon.

Pina Colada Cheesecake Bars: A blend of tropical flavors in a fluffy light dessert make the perfect end to a holiday barbecue.

Timeline for Success

Two or more days ahead:
• Order or purchase the meat.
• Shop for non-perishables, table cloths, place settings and decorations.

• If frozen, thaw ribs
• Make dressings and marinades. Label and refrigerate.
• Make Kansas City rub and rib sauce (click link above)
• Shop for produce. Remember the ice for the chests or for drinks.
• Make the cheesecake bars. Remind hungry fingers they're for tomorrow.
• In the evening, massage rub into ribs. Let set overnight in the refrigerator. You can save this step until tomorrow and apply rub one hour before grilling.
• Make chicken pasta salad and refrigerate.

• Thaw shrimp.
• Fill the ice chests with drinks and ice.
• Heat up the grill and begin the ribs.
• Marinade shrimp and refrigerate for two hours.
• Check on the ribs, make lemon aid or your favorite drinks.
• Make fruity kebabs or slice up a huge bowl of juice watermelon. Refrigerate.
• Prepare the eating area.
• Prepare corn and bean salad.
• Remove ribs from grill and let set 10 minutes.
• Grill shrimp.
• Serve everything and grab a plate!

You were so organized that you can add a few items to today's schedule. We suggest that you try out one of these Father's Day activities.

What traditions help make Father's Day special for your family?