Father's Day Brunch the Kids Can Help Create

by Caitlyn Stace Father's Day Bruch and Barbeque

Moms get breakfast in bed on their special day. There's no reason dad shouldn't get a special treat on his special day off, too! Try this Father's Day brunch the kids can help create!

You can assist the kids with the final touches for breakfast in bed or work together and serve the meal in the dining room, that's been decorated and fit for a king.

All of these Father's Day brunch recipes allow for plenty of help from the younger family members. Even preschoolers can put fruit on skewers and mix the eggs. Older children can chop up veggies or help with the pancakes. Everyone can get in on card making!

Father's Day Brunch Menu

Savory Scrambled Egg Muffins: Perfect for a festive morning, these scrambled egg muffins come together quickly and easily. The kids can help with mixing and measuring or chopping vegetables.

Oatmeal Pancakes: These scrumptious gluten-free pancake can be topped with fruit, syrup or rolled around sausages. You or the kids can mix the batter up Saturday evening so it's ready for the griddle first thing in on Sunday morning.

Sausages or bacon strips can dress up dad's plate. Cook up a batch if he thinks it's not breakfast without meat. Cook up one anyway, they're yummy!

Fruity Kebabs: Help the kids push chunks of his favorite fresh fruit on skewers and drizzle with a honey-yogurt dip. Clip off the sharp ends for tiny helpers.

Fresh orange juice: Put the children to work juicing oranges. You could buy a carton as an alternative if you wish. Dad will feel the love no matter how you slice it.

Add in the kids' cards and those loving home-made presents and it will be a home-run! What's the dad at your house enjoying for brunch?