Father's Day Easy-to-Make Crafts and Gifts

by Julie Snyder

Father's Day CraftsYour tiny newborn turned toward dad's voice before she could lift her head. Together they learned about cars, doggies and the world around.

Your son held dad's hand as they headed off to find a frog or play ball. They read books together and had tickle battles.

Father's Day is coming and kids want to make special something just for dad. They want to share the love their dads see in their eyes and hear in their voices. Are they up for the challenge?

If you're short on time and ideas, these easy-to-make projects can get you started.

Kid-Friendly Gift Ideas

Wear Those Hand Prints

We've seen the hand print t-shirts that surround dad in a fabric paint hug. This take-off project allows even the tiniest family member to "make" a memorable dad's day gift. Instead of a shirt, it's a tie.

Here's what you'll need:
✔ A light colored tie
✔ Fabric paints
✔ Fabric markers
✔ Paper towels
✔ A small set of hands and feet
✔ Interesting toys

Create the stamped tie:
✔ Write a greeting on the tie such as, "Happy Father's Day" or "Baby Loves Daddy."
✔ You'll be stamping onto a paper towel and then transferring the clear prints to the tie.
✔ Squeeze out a small amount of paint onto a shallow plate. Coax baby's right hand open. Dip in paint and stamp onto the paper towel. Change hands and stamp onto another towel. Wipe off baby's hands.
✔ Stamp the tie. Cut off excess paper towel, flip over onto the tie, paint side down. Without rubbing, press firmly.
✔ Repeat with feet and more hand prints if desired.

Look-Alike Photos

Does your little girl or boy mimic their dad? Perhaps they love modeling his favorite hat or wearing the same color shirt. Make their loving imitation into a heart-felt gift.

What you'll need:
✔ A camera or look alike pictures
✔ Picture frame (kids can make one)
✔ Scrapbooking paper or card stock
✔ Glue
✔ Stickers, yarn, glitter or other embellishments

Create a personalized picture frame:
✔ Take and print pictures of the children dressing "just like dad" or pick a few pictures together.
✔ Set the frame on the paper. Trace around the inside edge of the frame. Cut the paper about 1" larger than the frame on all sides.
✔ Arrange the photos on the background. Glue them in place.
✔ Allow the page to dry.
✔ Add embellishments.
✔ Trim the page and place in the frame.

"Going Fishing" Hand Print

Your preschooler and with a bit of help, your toddler, can make this picture for dad's door. Great for a dad or grandpa who loves to spend time out at the lake.

Supplies to get:
✔ Construction paper for background and for hand
✔ Fish pattern or coloring page
✔ Crayons or markers
✔ Glue
✔ Pencil and scissors
✔ 9 to 10 inch twig or strip of brown paper for fishing rod
✔ A piece of twine or yarn
✔ Stickers, sequins, ribbons or shiny paper scraps
✔ Torn tissue paper in various shades of blue

Make "Going Fishing":
✔ Trace your todder's hand, wrist and lower arm onto a piece of construction paper.
✔ Encourage your child to color the fish.
✔ Cut out the hand print and the fish. If you'll be using a construction paper fishing pole cut it out, now.
✔ Decorate the fish if desired.
✔ Wrap the hand print's fingers around the pole, finger tips facing the background paper. Glue with the fishing pole diagonally across the page.
✔ Glue or tie the twine or yarn to the end of the pole.
✔ Allow to dry a few minutes.
✔ Glue the fish over the end of the twine. Let dry.
✔ Add water waves? Markers are one option. You can also glue overlapping bits of blue tissue paper to represent water.
✔ Add a "going fishing" caption and your crafty gift's ready.

"Dad and Me" Puzzle

Add a picture to popsicle sticks, cut into strips and you've got a personalized puzzle. Dad can show off his gift at work or allow the kids to help put together.

What you'll need:
✔ Fat popsicle sticks
✔ Scotch tape
✔ White glue
✔ Photo of dad and kid/s
✔ Stickers or markers
✔ Puzzle saver or other protective spray
✔ Utility knife

How to create a "dad and me" puzzle:
✔ On a piece of cardboard, lay out nine popsicle sticks snuggly side by side.
✔ Tape the sticks together at the top and bottom. Turn over.
✔ On the side without tape, glue the photo to the popsicle sticks. Bring the glue to the edges.
✔ Wipe off excess glue and weight it down with a heavy book. Allow to dry.
✔ Once dry, your child can decorate the "frame."
✔ Remove the scotch tape from the back.
✔ Use the utility knife to cut the popsicle sticks apart.

No matter what you create, homemade gifts are always from the heart. Share some of the crafts you've made!