A Father's Day Tribute

To view him today, as a spiritual leader and protector of our home, our marriage, and our family is an honor. The value placed upon the "little things" tells so much about what is considered of importance to this man such as a quick phone call to share that he was thinking of us; or taking a time out to point out pictures in the clouds; changing the words to a well known song to garner a giggle; a pat on the back with a "daddy's here" that can bring a sense of security and blissful rest following a bad dream or during the strongest of storms... or the million and one other memories that make my heart smile.

For My Daddy and My Husband

In meditation of these two very special and quite unique individuals I do find they share common bonds. For example:

  • Both have a commendable work ethic
  • Both have a reputation of being a "man of their word"
  • Both, while perhaps frugal in some areas, would give the shirt off their back if they felt someone else needed it more
  • Both place FAMILY at the top of their priority list -- always
  • When met by a challenge they face it -- continuing trying different things until it is resolved
  • Both have a love of life which is reflected in their spirit
  • Both are sought out, not only for their sage advice and wisdom but also because we truly enjoy their company

Above all, these two men are grand examples for the roles of father, husband, and "fellow man." While it is unlikely that either would ever be publicly recognized for any reward, they can rest assured that with us they have certainly earned "Father of the Year -- and Lifetime."

For my daddy and my husband, I wish you both a very Happy Father's Day. Please know that you will forever be in our thoughts, our hearts, and in our prayers.

Melissa Jaramillo is mom to many. She's passionate about building, encouraging, and strengthening families on this adventure known as parenthood!

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