"Find a Rainbow Day" Encourages Early Learning

Creativity skills involve the ability to conjure up new ideas from old things. It involves a healthy dose of risk-taking called functional impulsivity. Fostering creativity can mean challenging your child to experiment with new uses for things and it can mean encouraging them to take healthy risks.

Communication skills: Babies and children learn language the best through social interaction. A real live person has to come into the room and talk directly with the child. Add in a warm, loving hug and you've set up the perfect environment for verbal communication.

The brain contains a switch between gestures and speech circuits. Studies of babies show that they don't gain a sophisticated vocabulary until fine-motor finger control improves.

Researchers wondered if the opposite was true. Could learning physical gestures improve other thinking skills? One study indicates it could. Kids with normal hearing took a sign language class for nine months. Their focus, spatial abilities, memory and visual discrimination scores improved as much as 50 percent compared with controls who had not taken the class.

Encourage these skills and you can practically see your child's brain grow!

"Find a Rainbow Day" Activities

National "Find a Rainbow Day" can go beyond hunting rainbows. You and your child can create or eat one! These activities will help you celebrate this magical day.

  • Look for a rainbow
  • Experiment with colors
  • Paint a rainbow
  • Make a rainbow veggie tray
  • Read a rainbow of a story
  • Play with a sun catcher
  • String a rainbow of beads
  • Send a rainbow card
  • Dress up like a rainbow

Did you and your child enjoy the wonder of a rainbow? How do you encourage and engage your tot's inquisitive side?