Five Birthing Options to Consider

by Dana B. Bryant

making birthing choicesBabies have been born in homes, fields, taxis, airplanes and recently in an elevator that was stuck between floors in Tacoma, Washington.

While many modern-day moms decide to give birth in hospitals, others seek out alternatives that fit their lifestyles. Celebrity trends hint that alternative childbirth methods might be replacing delivery rooms. Have you decided which birthing options will be best for your family?

Birth Centers

A birth center care provides a "homelike" setting but with easy access to a hospital facility in case of complications. Birth centers focus on natural childbirth. Women are free to move around in labor, experiment with positions and spend time in a tub or jacuzzi.

Home Birth

Would you prefer no interventions and a family-centered birth? Consider choosing a home birth. Many women feel more comfortable and relaxed when birthing in their own environment. Midwives provide care for most home births. Many women who want no interventions and a very family centered birth, choose to have a home birth.


Traditional hospital births (in which the mother-to-be moves from a labor room to a delivery room and then, after the birth, to a semiprivate room) remain the most common option. For low-risk births, many hospitals now offer a family-centered care options. These include private rooms with baths where women can labor, deliver, and recover in one place without having to be moved.

Water Birth

Water birth involves immersion in warm water. The immersion can mean giving birth to the infant in the water or using it as a tool during the labor process. Water birth claims many benefits for both mother and infant, including pain relief and a less traumatic birth experience for the baby.

Free Birth

Unassisted birth refers to intentionally giving birth without a professional birth attendant. Free birth advocate, Laura Shanley believes that childbirth is inherently safe and relatively painless provided we don't live in poverty, and do not interfere either physically or psychologically. Women choose to give birth alone, with their partner or with friends and family present.

We wish you a beautiful childbirth experiences, no matter what your birthing choices.

Which birth experience did you choose? Tell us in the comments!

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