Five Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

by Carles Cavazos Brito

little boy tracing his handKids might not be impressed with the holiday food, but they like fun arts and crafts. Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to create unique projects. You won't need much more than crayons and a tiny hand to make sweet memories to treasure!

We've gathered together five Thanksgiving craft ideas ranging from wearable art and easy crafts to family games and activities. Round up a kid, pull up a chair and get creative!

• The Thanksgiving Tree: Plant a branch in a vase or draw a tree and decorate it with leaves of Thanksgiving. Read these "thankful leaves" at Thanksgiving dinner.

• From Hand Print to Turkey: Kids will need to lend a helping hand for this hand print turkey project. Literally!

• Milk Jug Turkey Game: Transform a milk jug to a gobbler. Then stand above the turkey and see how many clothespins you can get inside.

• Leafy Turkey: A stroll in autumn and you might end up with an arm load of leaves. What can you do with all those beauties? We suggest turning your treasures into a turkey tail or two.

• Finger Puppets: Little ones underfoot in the kitchen? This fun and easy craft will have kids "otherwise occupied" while creating the project and then playtime after!

Did you and your toddler enjoy some turkey traditions? Share your project with us!

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