Four Signs Your Toddler's Not Ready for Potty Training

How old was your child when you started potty training? Do you have tips to share with others just beginning?


I've definitely been among those frustrated in trying to "encourage" potty training before my oldest were ready. Once they were, the process went quickly. Things went much more smoothly by following that same plan with my younger ones.

As for Elimination Communication -- I find it a very interesting concept. I did not realize that you could do it only part time and thought that it was more an "all or nothing" approach. I'm going to drop you a note as I'd love to hear more about your experiences. I know we have some other EC parents onsite as well! You can connect with them on our Elimination Communication support forum.

Potty training is both a challenge and cause for celebration! Granted, in doing so -- it is one more small step towards independence! All too soon, they'll be asking for the car keys!

I think this is a great article for those parents who plan for potty training to be a quick painless three day process. That happens to be the case for some lucky individuals who choose to take that route and have success. Personally, I've taken a very different approach to potty training. Some might say I've been "potty training" since my daughter was several weeks old. We've been using Elimination Communication part time and its been wonderful. Our 20 month old daughter has pretty much always *liked* to use the potty. We've never forced it on her. Its just always been an option and at a very early age she caught on to how its used and the joy of not soiling herself. We now let her run around the house without bottoms and she chooses to use the potty 95% of the time. Occasionally she'll have "accidents" but probably no more frequently than a full potty trained 2 year old. We're now in the process of teaching her how to pull her undies up and down. Its all a process and there are multiple ways to approach that process. You don't *have* to wait until your child has met all the requirements of some checklist. If you start to introduce the potty early it can be a very easy, natural, enjoyable learning experience.

It is very important to wait until the child is ready. All three of my girls have potty trained in just a few weeks. Wait until they are all the way ready, then dedicate one week to just focusing on training. Good Luck everyone!