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Don't just talk about the kids and the house

After a tough day at work, your hubby might not want a run down about the fights or the washing machine that's on the fritz. When you were working, your conversations were probably more balanced between work and family issues. Make more of an effort to keep in touch with things going on in the real world. Watch the evening news once in a while, stop by for a few minutes each day, or scan the headlines of the newspaper during naptime. Stay informed, stay opinionated and be able to hold your own in an adult conversation. Being able to talk about something other than the kids will increase your confidence and make it easier to get in the mood, more than if you just yammer on about the latest kid and house drama.

Bottom line

Keep him up to date about day to day goings on, but unless it's earth shattering (someone took their first steps, lost a tooth, won a soccer game) or expensive (time for a new washer/dryer/car), give him the Cliff Notes version and then talk about the world and each other.

Excerpted from Domestically Challenged: A Working Moms Survival Guide to Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

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