Get it on under the mistletoe -- babymaking over the holidays

by Julie Snyder TTC and holidays

Trying to conceive -- it's a time filled with anticipation and that wonder of "is this it?" moments. What a perfect fit for the holidays!

Despite the crowds, the non-stop activities and people vying for your attention, there's something magical about the season. Here are a few suggestions to help you snatch it up in your Santa cap and have you both appreciating why that jolly ole' elf chuckles "ho-ho-ho!"

Get it on under the mistletoe

Carve time out of the moments themselves. Focus on those when you're working together -- those centered on laughter, compromise, tangible accomplishments.

Decorating: You may go all out with reindeer prancing across the roof and candy canes lining your walkway or play it simple with a small tree standing in the corner. Working together, you're apt to run opportunities to tease. As you negotiate garland or tinsel, ask which would look better -- on you!

Make a deal. For every ten ornaments hung on the tree, you'll each take off one item of clothing. By the time you're finished, the twinkling lights shouldn't be all that's turned on!

Baking: Over the holidays, you'll spend extra time in the kitchen. Even if one of you typically reigns as queen or king of the culinary arts, invite your partner in to help. Stirring, basting, adding a bit of sugar and spice all can lead to an incredible "taste-testing" session -- of one another.

Shopping: If dragging about the mall doesn't seem appealing, offer enticement. As you pare down your checklist, look for special presents for one another. The key to this game is the sharing.

Touring the lights: Taking time out to walk through beautiful displays, or even better, going on a horse-drawn sleigh or carriage ride. All can put you in the mood. The quiet night offers a mystical spell that captivates and binds you together.

Gift wrapping: Work together to get those packages properly adorned. Want to heat things up? Stop and give your partner a kiss -- slow and sweet or steamy and passionate -- anywhere but the lips.

A second option? Greet your partner, wrapped in colorful paper and bright bows and nothing more. You'll be the best gift unwrapped this year! As for the actual presents awaiting their turn? Use gift bags from the dollar store.

Company challenges: The holidays mean lots of family togetherness. Whether you're hosting or traveling to the in-laws, the bonding-time you long for as a couple may seem out of reach.

Having your parents nearby can put a damper on the mood. You hear the comments, "When are you two having a baby?" "Your cousin Mitch and his wife are having their third!" You'll also be compared to the neighbors, the daughter of a client and the guy at the pizza place. No pressure to perform.

Discuss these topics ahead of time and forge your own code. Code word uttered? Partner breaks in to divert and change the topic.

Acknowledge in advance, that others are indeed pregnant in the world. When it's your time, so will you be. For now, you'll enjoy the heck out of practice runs.

Boost one another's confidence. Later, issue a challenge to see who can be the quietest while driving their partner MAD with desire and anticipation.

Lack of privacy happens during the holidays. Find a cheap motel or snag a deal on Priceline. Enjoy a few hours focused on pleasuring one another. Trust that it will improve your spirits as you head back home to listen to one more carol sung off key by the clan.

Adding to your family tree during the holidays can be a delightful experience. Who knew that getting it on under the mistletoe held this much appeal? How do you plan to heat things up this holiday season?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.