Getting fit after baby arrives

Walking: Start by walking with your baby for 15 minutes. Can you fit in two sessions? Eventually try to walk for at least 30 minutes or two 20 minute outings.

Tip for nursing moms: Nurse before your session and wear a supportive bra. Some moms find wearing two bras more comfortable. You may want to wash your nipples after exercising and before nursing. Some babies dislike the taste of sweat.

Mommy and me classes: These are designed just for moms and new babies and focus on a routine geared for your changing body. Network with other new moms!

Dance time! Dancing with your baby is another good weight bearing exercise. The movement and music may stimulate your baby's development and if nothing else, some moms find it lulls a fussy babe to sleep.

An exercise session should feel good and enhance your sense of well-being. If you experience pain or heavy bleeding, stop exercising and contact your health care provider.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.