Top 10 Ways to Get Him into Babymaking

9. There's nothing like a tap on the shoulder in the middle of the night/early morning. If he claimed "headache" at night and you forced him to have a Tylenol before going to sleep, a random tap on the shoulder or even a better placed tap while he's all doey is a sure-fire winner. Plus he'll be so sleepy he won't even count that as one of the 2 or 3 you're looking for on the key dates.

10. Imagine how you would feel if you were expected to orgasm every time. Talk about pressure! Just like you probably can't orgasm every time neither will he. If someone was to get angry or upset with you for not having an orgasm you’d feel pretty ordinary. This is all about pressure and you know how good guys are at pressure plays!

About the BeingDad team: Men want to be GREAT dads and birth partners. They just don't know how! We decided that men who had had kids knew what to do and say and what not to do and say but they just don't talk about it. Getting that information out of dads and into a format that dads-to-be would learn from was the hard part. Everyone loves a film and most guys hate instruction guides and manuals so the
Being Dad DVD was born. Who are these guys trying to help men be great dads and help women understand their men?

Troy Jones: Troy's company produced the Being Dad series and he has traveled the globe interviewing hundreds of new dads and experts. As a result we like to think of him as a "well renowned global guru in all things Being Dad;" sounds impressive anyway. Troy has a beautiful daughter Matilda, who appears in the Being Dad series.

Sam Holt: Best known for coming up with a new idea every five minutes it's little wonder that Being Dad was, in fact, his idea. Fortunately, Being Dad was one of Sam's better ideas and with the help of Troy and Tom it has grown way beyond all of their expectations. Sam has a son, Hugo, who is too cute to be his.

Tom Hastwell: Lured out of the corporate world by Sam and Troy, Tom has been bitten by the business bug. Troy and Sam are eagerly awaiting news that Toms wife is pregnant so that they can attach a camera crew to him for nine months and actually put him to work. Tom is currently practicing for kids.

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