The Great Baby Shower Debate

Baby showers are always a lot of fun for not only the expectant mom but also for the host and the guests. It's definitely considered a celebration in preparing for the new baby to come. So what's all the fuss about "who should get one?" Shouldn't it be anyone who’s pregnant?

One of the most controversial questions in society when it comes to pregnancy is about the appropriateness of a shower for a second baby (or more).

Argument 1 -- You Already Had One!

No matter what, a baby shower is only for the first born. That is unless you fall into a special category. These categories tend to be situational like, first of an opposite gender, first with this husband, first in a long time... and the list goes on.

These exceptions don't really prove the rule, but they do make for interesting guessing about who is "allowed" to have a baby shower. One of the main reasons people don't think a shower for the second child is appropriate is because they should already have things leftover from the last shower.

Argument 2 -- Every Baby Deserves a Party!

Of course! Why wouldn't they. Just like every pregnancy is different, so is every child. So even if it's your second baby do you have to share the same color scheme or nursery theme? Every mom feels just as excited about welcoming their new baby and would love to have everyone there to celebrate. Also, as each baby arrives, there are essentials that are simply not left over from the previous child: bottles, pacifiers, photo albums, and of course, diapers!

Baby shower Alternatives

To help everyone lighten up on the issue, below are some alternatives for a baby shower that aren't so typical.

Many of these showers have unique themes, including:

  • Mom time: Every guest brings a gift for mom instead of baby.
  • Books: Every guest brings a book for the library of the new baby.
  • Casserole: Every guest brings something to be stored to eat when the new baby arrives, or a rain check on a meal.
  • Blessingway: A circle of women gathering to wish the mother-to-be well in her journey through birth. Gifts are rarely exchanged, though guests may be asked to bring a candle, a bead or something small to make a gift for the mother at the ceremony.

There are those who oppose the showers when it comes to the second, third and so forth because of the greed factor. This could be the key to the whole issue -- greed. Is this why many babies are being denied parties, for fear that the celebration is all about greed?

While it's always nice to have presents and many woman love to buy the cute gifts to ooh and ahh over, the focus on baby showers is quickly becoming more about the life experience. The gifts are those of time and thought. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that all babies deserve to be welcomed into the world with a celebration. Whether you call that celebration a baby shower, a blessingway, a welcoming or baby naming, it’s still a celebration of new life.

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