Kid's Activity: Let's Have Fun with Green!

by Carol Jordan

toddler in a clover patchAll around green shamrocks appear. Cupcakes at the bakery have green frosting. Even koolaid is green today! It's a great opportunity to reinforce recognition of the color green with your small toddler. In addition to noticing and talking about all the green decorations around town, do these fun and simple projects and activities!

  • shamrockUse green hearts to create 3-leaf and 4-leaf clovers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
    • Cut out a couple dozen small hearts from bright green construction paper.
    • Using a glue stick, show your little one how to glue 3 or 4 in a circle, points together to form the leaf of a clover.
    • Draw stems on your shamrocks if desired.
  • For a fun sensory activity, cut several shapes out of a variety of green fabrics -- silky, furry, rough, smooth -- and allow your child to explore the shapes. Use the same shapes to create a collage of green that if full of different textures on a large sheet of paper or poster board.
  • Search for green shapes while driving and see who finds more!
  • Make a collage. Search magazines for objects that are green. Cut them out and glue to poster board to create a collage of all things green.
  • Add green food coloring to shaving cream and paint the bath tub with it!
    • Spray a small amount of shaving cream into an unbreakable bowl
    • Add a few drops of green food coloring and mix
    • Place toddler and bowl in tub
    • Demonstrate how to finger paint the walls of the tub
  • Draw everything green! Take green pencils, crayons or paints on a nature walk and make pictures of everything you see that is green.
  • Play "I spy with my little eye!" something that is green.

Carol Jordan is the mother of 2 children. She has been a preschool teacher for 9 years and is working toward a CDA (Child Development Associate) an Early Childhood Education professional credential.

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