Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

All Around the Town Costumes

Gardener and veggies: A pair of overalls, a couple packages of seeds and you're on your way. Been wanting to show off that cute little pumpkin? Perfect!

Zoo Keepers and animals: Decide who'd like to be the zoo keeper. Do you have an adorable monkey in the house. Here's a chance for that child to shine!

Food! Be a "fast food" family. Dress up as a hot dog (your mini dachshund is a natural although baby can play this role), a bottle of mustard or ketchup, and a carton of french fries.

"My son is going to be a policeman and Lucas is his prisoner. I found some black and white stripped pj's at Gymboree so that's what the baby's going to wear." ~nagmf, Pregnancy.org member

Including the Family Pet

Families tend to take their dogs to parades or trick-or-treating. What well-dress pooch wouldn't don a bowtie, fancy collar or bandana. You might be considering a complementary costume, Astro for a family of Jetsons, for example. According to the NRF costume survey, popular costumes this year included pumpkins, devils, hot dogs and bees.

Is your pet reluctant to participate? Try these tips:

  • Attach an accessory to the collar. Try flowers and even Saint Bernard-style rescue barrels for animals that don't like wearing clothes. They won't be upset but still look dressed up.
  • Hair bobbles or clips: Add a little bling with sparkly accessories.
  • Necklaces and decorative collars or bandannas: Match your pet's "neck attire" to your family's costumes.
  • Riding accessory: A little saddle with riding character, for example, your pup can wear a "Yoshi" saddle for a family of Mario characters.

Have a safe and ghoulishly good time this Halloween! We'd love to see and hear what your family has planned. Tell us all about it in comments!

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