Halloween Essentials for Mad Scientist Types

by Ann Douglas

cute ghostsSo you're looking for ways to help the kids run off some of the pre-Halloween adrenaline and the post-Halloween sugar. Look no further. These activity sites deliver the goods year-round and they go totally over-the-top at Halloween.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

You may forget to take the kids out trick-or-treating once you start hacking LEDs into LEGO minifigures for Halloween. The technique is explained on the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories website. I almost feel guilty passing along this idea -- except that it's too fabulous not to share.


Instructables.com and Make Magazine have been hosting a Halloween Projects Contest and Instructables.com is positively oozing with projects for Halloween right now. (When I say oozing, I mean oozing. You may want to do a pre-surf if your child has a queasy stomach. Some of these projects are designed to thrill and chill and gross out.)


If you're wowed by origami, like I am, you'll be impressed by the paper ghost, bat, dracula, and other Halloween fold-a-bles to be found in the Halloween area at Origami Club website. The projects are rated from one-star (easy) to five-stars (very difficult), so you'll have a sense of which ones to tackle when you've had half a bag of candy and which ones to tackle when you're a little less strung out.

Happy Halloween!

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