Hatching Catherine, My Birth Story

I can't remember the episiotomy, and I can't remember the stitches. Andrew cut the cord and was the first to hold our beautiful little girl -- all 4010 grams of her. Her apgar scores were an impressive 9 and 10.

While I was doing the rest of what needed doing, Andrew took our baby to meet Aunty Jo-Jo and Aunty Susan Jane. The girls had been there right from the start and were wonderful. Having an off duty midwife as a support person during labor is wonderful. Susan Jane stayed focused and calm through the whole ordeal. I guess that she is used to everything and it is her job, but she was a tower of strength to both Andrew and myself.

At one point the doctor wanted to use a cranial monitor. I said to SJ, "Do we want that?" She explained it to us and we decided no. Being able to get the information to make those decisions was really important to us. My sister Joanne was great too -- she sub-ed in when Andrew or SJ needed a break. I'm really glad that she was there.

After the delivery I was stitched, Catherine was checked and shown to everyone and I can honestly say that I can't remember a blessed thing after that. I woke up a few hours later in the Adult Special Care Unit after a postpartum hemorrhage. Not a big bleed, but enough to warrant special treatment.

My family made it soon after the delivery. They had been called when I was taken down for the Caesarean. Dad had wet the baby's head well before then. My parents in law were there soon after too. Everyone got a cuddle and said all of the right things.

Our birth plan that had taken us so many long hours to write went out the window. There was no swaying, no yoga, no baths, and no walks. The one thing that mattered happened though. We ended the day with the safe arrival of a healthy and beautiful baby.

It seems strange to think that she is already 6 months old. She is crawling already and loves singing. She has a smile that melts even the toughest of hearts. She is a blessing beyond words and we love her with everything that we are.

Andrew has another daughter from his first marriage. Because of many complicated reasons he was not at her birth and did not see her until a few weeks ago. She is now nearly five years old. He missed out on so much with his first daughter and I am determined that he will miss nothing with Catherine. I know that he wonders about how Augusta was as a baby and how she might be different to Catherine. Now that she is in our lives we will slowly get to know her too.

We named our beautiful baby Catherine Grace Louisa Burns Montgomery -- a long name for a little girl, but that is another story.

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