Heart Cut-Out Picture Frame

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and that special someone deserves to know how much you care. Maybe you have given up on the commercialized gifts that are available today or maybe you just can't find something perfect enough for your Valentine. Whatever your reason, you're looking for something unique, personalized, creative and one of a kind, right? Look no further and grab a pen and paper because you'll want to write down the materials needed and the very, very, very simple instructions to this adorable photo frame. In no time at all you will have this frame finished, wrapped, hidden away, and will be back in the arms of that special Valentine before you know it. After all, isn't loving your loved one what Valentine's Day is all about?


  • One picture frame, preferably in a light color, with minimal detailing or decoration.
  • Red acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • Heart-shaped cut-outs (You can purchase these small, flat, hearts at your local crafting store, they are usually wooden and come in packages of 10 or so. You may opt to create your own cut-out out of heavy paper or cardboard. If you do create your own, be sure to make several.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks or tape


To begin, remove the glass from the photo frame and place it to the side. Cover your work space with some newspaper or other protective material as not to damage it while working on your project. Using the heart shaped cut-outs decide how you would like to arrange the hearts on the frame. The cut-outs will be removed at the end of the project so that the natural look of the frame shows through the paint on the frame! Depending on the size and shape of your frame you may want to add a few hearts or several. You could even purchase or make different sized heart cut-outs to use. Once you decide on a pattern you can begin to attach the hearts to the frame (temporarily). In this project I used wooded cut-outs and attached them to the frame with hot glue. The hearts were quite easy to remove from the frame once it had dried.

When you are sure that you have the heart shapes attached well and there are no visible areas were paint could sneak under the heart shape, you can begin the painting. Depending on the finish on the frame, the original color of the frame and other factors, you may have you use several coats of paint to cover the frame completely. In this project I used a frame with a natural wood finish. I applied only a sheer coating of paint to give it that popular "weathered" look. You have many options! Don't forget the sky's the limit. Be sure to let your own personality as well as your Valentine's shine through in your work.

Set the frame aside to dry. I recommend letting the frame dry overnight. In the morning it's safe to remove the heart cut-outs and view your completed creation! If there are any areas where the paint may have blotched up you can take a small paint brush and fill in some of the spaces. For my frame I embraced the "mess-ups!" They add to the unique-ness!

Wrap this adorable photo frame up for that special someone and make this the most Happy Valentine's Day yet!

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