Holiday countdown activities for tiny tots

December 21 –- Felt ornaments

Buy different colored felt, use a cookie cutter and trace ornaments. Decorate how you want with paint, beads or glitter. Add them to your child's tree, hang from string in the window.

December 22 -- Make reindeer food

Mix oatmeal, confetti candy, cinnamon and place it in a small Ziploc bag. Print out the following poem and attach it. Take this magic food and sprinkle on the lawn. On Christmas eve, Santa's reindeer travel miles before dawn. The smell of oats and shimmer path will guide them on their way and you'll wake up to Santa's gifts next morn on Christmas day.

December 23 -- Make Santa's cookies

Find your child's favorite cookie recipe and make them for Santa. You and your child can sample them, too.

December 24 -- Get ready for Santa

Make homemade hot cocoa and read the Christmas Story or the Night Before Christmas.

December 25 -- Merry Christmas!

Hey you creative parents! Add an idea for the activity countdown calendar.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.