Holiday morning sickness busters

by Melissa Jaramillo

Holiday morning sicknessA wee baby will be joining you at next year's holiday celebrations! You're looking forward to sharing this special time with your new family member!

This year's festivities may be an entirely different story if you're battling morning sickness.

Are the chestnuts roasting on an open fire and sugar plums dancing in your head making you feel more nauseous than filled with holiday cheer? Whether you'll be traveling or staying at home, tap these seasonal staples to enjoy the holiday celebrations.

Holiday morning sickness busters


Ginger as a tea, candy, drink or grated -- sprinkled on your meals, may all help with morning sickness. Around the holidays, you can bake up a batch of spicy ginger cookies and nibble on one whenever the queasies strike. Better yet, hint to your favorite family member that you'd love a dozen.

Peppermint aromatherapy

Carry a piece of cloth in your purse scented with a combination of lavender and peppermint oil. At the first hint of nausea, hold the cloth to your nose and breathe deep for almost instant nausea relief. Have the round hard peppermint candies stashed away, too.

Snacks galore at every gathering

Everyone advises first trimester moms to keep snacks. You've probably been told to carry them in your purse and have them by your bed and in your car.

There's no shortage of snack foods during the holidays! Have a couple whole grain crackers with a cube of cheese or raid the finger foods at the buffet. Putting a bit of food in your stomach every couple hours can help eliminate morning sickness.

Baubles and beads

We're talking about a specific bauble -- anti-seasickness wrist bands. Pick up a pair and proudly wear them all season long. Wear a set in festive holiday colors!

If none of these help, add some bright and cheery holiday decor to your bathroom might make your time "at the throne" more pleasant.

Has morning sickness been your closest company during the holidays? How did you cope?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.