Holiday Traditions for Passover and Easter

Stories and Books

Grab a good kids' book and read about the ritual and tradition surrounding Passover. It'll give them a leg up on what's happening during the week. Here's a list of our favorites for younger children.

• "What Do You See on Pesach," by Bracha Goetz is part of the boardbook series that introduces tots to holidays.
• "Let's Ask Four Questions," by Madeline Wikler introduces the four questions.
• "Sammy Spider's first Passover," by Sylvia A. Rouss shows Sammy helping out by building an afikomen shaped web.
• "The Magician: An Adaptation from the Yiddish of I. L. Peretz" is a collection of Yiddish folk tales.
• "A Mouse in the Matzoh Factory," by Francine Medoff follows a curious mouse from field to factory.

Tradition and ritual are a lot like family heirlooms. Some you can't imagine living without; others you'd rather tuck away in a corner of the attic. Which family tradition would you like to pass on to the next generation?