A Home Hypnobirth: John and Margaret

Hello to everyone!

We had our baby last Sunday, Sept. 14 on my birthday! It's another boy. That makes three boys for us. Our hypnosis worked beautifully for us. I had headphones on listening to my Birth Guide CD while John rushed around trying to fill the birth pool. Our faucets weren't conducive to the hoses. Anyway, my mom sat behind me (I was on the birth ball) rubbing my back. She and my midwife kept whispering back and forth trying to figure out when or if I was having birthing waves, neither could tell because there was no discomfort, only pressure.

I finally turned my "switch" (a Hypnobabies cue) to the middle position to tell them when one was starting. At that point my midwife reminded me to empty my bladder. So I went into the restroom to appease them and while in there I got that urge to push. I stayed in there through 3-4 pressure waves when my water broke into the toilet (no mess on my carpet!) They heard the water break and came in to walk me back to bed. Our baby was born 15 minutes later in my bed. I never got into the pool.

The only part of the birthing that I would say was more intense than mere pressure was the pushing. But even that wasn't bad. I tried that exhale "AAAHHH" pushing (a first for me) and was more at ease than I have been in the past holding my breath and counting. The whole thing from first birthing wave to having my baby placed on my tummy (his cord wasn't long enough to put him up on my chest) was four and a half hours long. A record for me. The baby was 8 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long. He doesn't have a name yet, but we're working on that.

Good luck to all and we hope that your hypnobaby experience is as wonderful as ours was!

John and Margaret

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