Hoodie Hoo Day Scares the Winter Away

by Lodovica Trevisan

Hoodie Hoo DayLaughter is the glue that binds families together. Festivities and holidays like Backwards Day, April Fool's Day, Mardi Gras, and Halloween all lend themselves to laughter.

"Hoodie Hoo Day" is another opportunity for your family to burst into hysterical hoots.

Groundhog Phil saw his shadow so you've been "enjoying" another six weeks of winter. Take advantage of "Hoodie Hoo Day," act a little crazy and scare the winter away (well, we know you'll try your hardest!).

Every year, February 20 marks the day where people go out at noon, wave their hands over their heads and chant, "Hoodie-Hoo!"

Join in the fun, make a crazy hat and a bean-shaker noise maker to chase away the winter blahs and bring on spring with all the other folks on the planet!

Of course, this holiday only applies if you live above the Equator. It's summer time down under and who knows what shouting "Hoodie Hoo" in summer might do!

Laughter is a Serious Business

Laughter does a body good! According to researchers, laughter helps in conditions as diverse as diabetes and eczema, heart disease and asthma. It boosts the immune system, wards off depression and helps fight infections.

Cool Laughter Facts

  • Did you know that a laugh can involve up to 50 facial muscles?
  • Did you know your Laughter burns calories?
  • Did you know that laughter is used as an official therapy, from hospital-based clowns to laughter yoga?

Do you need to make more time for laughter in your family? These ideas can get the giggles started. We can't guarantee they'll stop though.

Write it in your to-do list. Laughing deepens relationships, creates a sense of belonging and improves the physical health of your body. Make a commitment to bonding with laughter.

Slow down. Take a few minutes between chores for a fishy face contest or funny story. Better yet, add silliness right into the chore list. Turn that washcloth you're folding into a tickle puppet.

Set worry aside. For a few minutes each day, forget about the bills, deadlines and adult opportunities. Watch a comedy together, play a game, tell jokes...and connect with shared laughter.

What gets your family laughing?

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