How do you show your holiday spirit?

by Melissa Jaramillo

Holiday spirit'Tis the season and cheer is in the air.

At times it feels as if the entire world, or at least your corner of it, is wrapped in red and green, blue, gold and silver!

Now that the holiday season's officially upon us, we want to know how you showcase your holiday spirit.

We posed that question to our members to get their take on it.

The responses from each member that replied varied widely. Dive in to discover where you fall in with your personal "fa-la-la" style!

How do you show your holiday spirit?

Full reindeer mode

Are you the type that goes all out to showcase your festive spirit in a tangible way -- hanging streamers, garland, and mistletoe on every object in site? Check out how these members opt to show off their holiday spirit:

"We begin decorating in late August, weaving lights in the trees, from the rooftop, around windows, bushes, and more. That big moment of turning on the lights always leaves me breathless -- mostly out of fear that we'll cause a power outage in the neighborhood! It's a blast!" Lara says.

"I love, love, love the holiday season! We all have special Santa hats that we don right after Thanksgiving dinner. We decorate the family tree and then let the holidays seep in to all other aspects. My van is draped in garland along with my cubicle at work. I'm happy with the season starting earlier now. Everything seems so drab come January!" Kandice shares.

"Ha! I have an entire wardrobe dedicated specifically for the holidays! I've sweaters with bells, candy cane earrings, and elf tips for my ears. Other days may find me wearing reindeer antlers and "I believe!" shirts for my shopping trips. My family knows I love this all so much that I swear they shop the after Christmas sales to buy my birthday gift for next year!" Dee says.

Wrapped up

Is your personal choice more action-oriented? Maybe you prefer a more subtle approach. See what our members had to share to determined if this is where you fit in:

"Every holiday season, I try to volunteer with a selected charity once a week. Presenting not only of monetary donations (definitely needed), but more of myself and my time. It helps me connect with what I believe the season should be about…giving to others," Lynn says.

"We take time to go through closets, toy boxes, cupboards and donate gently used items. It may not seem like much but we work together and talk about those families receiving our treasured finds. It enables my children and me to see that these are real folks, just struggling in the moment. It instills in them a spirit of giving that I hope will last a lifetime," Kim says.

"Every year we adopt either a child or senior from a local Angel tree or find a family that needs help. We've "been there/done that" and understand how it feels to not be able to fulfill those Christmas wishes. It's now our hope to pay it forward! Maria tells us.

"We bake! Yummy cookies, meals, treats as gifts…you name it! There seems to be a constant hint of cinnamon just waiting to be tasted!" Patty says.

The Grinch

We tapped a few with what appeared to be a case of the "Bah Humbugs!" These members definitely made the "naughty" list although we still think they are truly nice! Check out these replies and find out if your inner Grinch has been creeping in:

"Gosh I hate the holidays. Too much tinsel and greed!" Meghan admits.

"The holiday season to me is just like any other, with the added "bonus" of commercialism overload!" R says.

"I'm not a fan. What should be a happy time seems instead to collapse into stress throughout the house! Heck, even the dog needs a valium!" Sandy says.

Do you tend to go all out, take the quiet route, or instead can't wait for it to all be over? Let us hear from you! Wherever you fit, from our house to yours -- Happy holidays!

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