Hypnobirth Tip #1: Getting Started

by Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt

What Exactly is Hypnobirth?

Hypnosis is very simply: Focused concentration. It is a natural state of mind in which the body and mind are very relaxed and yet the mind is also highly aware and focused. The pregnant woman can choose to enter, stay in, or come out of hypnosis at will. She is totally conscious of what is going on and is in control at all times. Using hypnosis for pregnancy, labor and birth enables the laboring mother to have a shorter labor with fewer complications.

Hypnosis is a long-used method of directly speaking to the subconscious mind, bypassing our very active and critical conscious mind, so that we can learn new attitudes and responses more quickly and easily. Hypnosis allows the deepest relaxation possible, along with suggestions for pain and fear elimination, thus effecting a quicker and easier birth process for both mother and child, with less bleeding, fewer complications, and quicker recovery.

Some of these tips will be specific to hypno-birthing and some will be general for pregnancy/childbirth. Hope you all enjoy them.

  • Pack your Birthing Bags when you are 3 weeks away from your "Guess" date. You never know if your Hypnobaby wants to see you earlier than expected. Babies don't read calendars and some are cooked sooner than others.
  • If you are doing Perineal Massage, begin when you are 4-6 weeks away from your due date. This may help you to avoid a tear or episiotomy when your baby is crowning. Learn how to do the massage in this article.

    Perineal massage can be done in the "breathing down" stage as well, by your birth partner or an experienced nurse or midwife. (Olive oil, brought by you in a small, unopened bottle is the best lubricant) Warm compresses on the perineal area, help also during this time, and remember to tell your birth attendant that you want to avoid an episiotomy, as this is a very common procedure and your doctor will need to be reminded when the time comes. (Birth Partner come alive!)

  • If having a hospital birth, make sure you have toured your place of birth, pre-registered, and become familiar with parking. All hospitals have different policies about pre-registering, and dealing with a lot of insurance paperwork is not what you want to be doing as you arrive in labor! Some hospitals also have different doors and parking that you use for L&D at different times of the night, so find this out, and touring your place of birth ahead of time will help you to picture in detail your perfect birth, which is so important. It will also allow you to ask a lot of questions while you are there about hospital policies.
  • Questions to ask on the tour:
    1. What type of birthing rooms are available? (LDR, LDRP?)
    2. What procedures are standard or routine? Prepping?
    3. What is the protocol for avoiding any routine procedure?
    4. How many support people are allowed?
    5. What are pre-admission procedures?
    6. How many support people can be present for a C-section?
    7. What are the standard procedures for the newborn?
    8. Is rooming-in available?
    9. Is this a family centered facility?
    10. Is it breast-feeding friendly? Lactation consultants on staff?
    11. Can cameras, videos, and tape recorders be used?
    12. What is the average length of stay?
    13. What type of educational programs are available?
    14. What is the best place to park? Day? Night?
    15. What entrance do you use? Day? Night?
    16. Any other concerns you may have

Disclaimer: Hypnobabies Network, and Kerry Tuschhoff assume no responsibility or liability for the outcome of any pregnancy, labor, or birth. The content of the above information is in no way to be represented as medical advice, nor as a prescription for medical procedure. As always, you should seek the advice of a medical doctor or midwife to answer any health-related or pregnancy-related issues surrounding your pregnancy, labor and delivery, or before starting any new pregnancy-related program.

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