Hypnobirth Tip #7: What to do in Early Labor

by Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt

What to do During Your Early Birthing Time?

  • In the beginning, you could feel excitement, doubt or extreme readiness.
  • Keep your Birth Affirmations in your head all the time, only visualizing your perfect birthing.
  • Keep the excitement to a minimum, as even happy excitement can cause *adrenaline* production, which may affect you labor in a negative way, causing it to become dysfunctional.
  • Relax, go with the flow, no matter what turns you labor takes.
  • Tune in to your body and your baby
  • Don't pay attention before you need to
  • If it's nighttime, SLEEP when you can. You need the rest.
  • Try to go about your normal day if during the day.
  • Alternate activity with periods of rest!
  • Take a bath, (if membranes have not released) meditate, visualize.
  • Pack your last minute things in the bag for the hospital or birth center (or Ready your home for your homebirth)
  • Alert *only* those involved that you are having surges, to give them a head's up
  • Rest, eat, walk, whatever you feel like doing
  • Time a few pressure surges every once in awhile
  • Listen to any of your tapes or scripts
  • Above all, keep the atmosphere, activities and conversation POSITIVE!

You will know when it is time to start actively using your cue words or prompts. Your surges will become wonderfully more powerful, and you will begin to concentrate in a more focused way. This will be the time to call in your Birth Partner's help with Birth Prompts.

When to go to the Hospital?

*Generally* when surges have been 4-5 minutes apart and 60 seconds long or more for *at least an hour*, you might want to go. Second time (and more) moms may want to go when surges are 5-6 minutes apart.

Tip: Take 10 minutes to take a nice warm shower or bath (if membranes have not released) before leaving your home. You may find yourself much more relaxed and ready to go, having had time to adjust to the "This is it!" feelings.

Disclaimer: Hypnobabies Network, and Kerry Tuschhoff assume no responsibility or liability for the outcome of any pregnancy, labor, or birth. The content of the above information is in no way to be represented as medical advice, nor as a prescription for medical procedure. As always, you should seek the advice of a medical doctor or midwife to answer any health-related or pregnancy-related issues surrounding your pregnancy, labor and delivery, or before starting any new pregnancy-related program.

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