Hypnobirth Tip#4: A Sample Birth Plan

Management of Labor: It is our strong desire to allow our birthing to proceed upon its natural course, in the absence of complications, without restriction to time. If an increase of oxytocin becomes necessary, we would like to use natural methods before our consent will be given for the use of Pitocin or AROM.

"Pushing": Because we are using hypnosis for childbirth pushing techniques, Mary will be using positions she finds effective, and this will be completely mother-directed. We ask that the staff respect our request and not direct us how to push, unless an emergency arises.

Perineal Massage: We ask that the staff assist us with warm compresses and olive oil massage of the perineum. We have been preparing for a birth with no episiotomy and appreciate your patience and support as our baby crowns.

Birth of our Baby: Please allow our baby to be born without pulling on his/her head or turning it unless there is shoulder dystocia. We also ask that the cord be allowed to stop pulsating before clamping or cutting, and John will cut it at that time. Mary will hold our child in her arms immediately upon birth, and she and I will dry and wrap our baby at this time to help maintain warmth. Mary will hold him/her against her skin and will ask for blankets to be placed over them both. We ask that you treat our baby with gentleness at all times, and that any newborn procedures be delayed until we have had some time to get to know one another - up to two hours. (bathing, eye drops, foot prints etc.)

Birth of Placenta: We ask that Mary’s placenta be allowed to deliver without the use of traction. We understand that this may take a few extra minutes and we certainly appreciate your patience with us.

Circumcision: If our baby is a boy, we will decline the surgical removal of his foreskin.

Breastfeeding: We will be exclusively breastfeeding our baby and request that no bottles of any kind, pacifiers or artificial nipples be given to our baby, and he/she will be rooming in with Mary. Thank you for all of the care we've received during our pre-natal visits and in advance for the respect and assurance we know we'll receive from you during our birthing.

Yours truly, (MARY, & JOHN) APPROVED - DR JONES_____________

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