Infertility Medications

Doxycycline: An oral antibiotic provided to the male partner during the female's stimulation cycle to reduce the levels of bacteria which may be found in semen. This medication is also given to the female partner to decrease the risk of infection after aspiration of the follicles at the time of egg retrieval.

Progesterone: Intramuscular injections provided daily beginning two days after retrieval and finishing when the placenta is creating appropriate amounts of Progesterone. Progesterone may also be administered through a vaginal gel, suppository or in a pill.

Reprinted with permission from American Pregnancy Association


Just a quick note to tell you Clomid was our miracle maker.
We had 2 rounds of it and it was just what my system needed. We were just about to start hormoned injections (actually awaiting my period to start them) when we found out.

We have had one ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days and everything was perfect. I have been taking progesterone suppliments to prevent misscarriage.

Now 9 weeks and I really think clomid worked for us